October Minister’s Message

Take heart, dear ones, take heart! Remember that we are never alone but connected

through our hearts and our stories to each other.


Dear Ones,

We are living through challenging times that seem to continue on and on, so it feels even more essential that we deepen our connections to this, our community of kindness and care. There is a level of anxiety from the ongoing pandemic that seems to permeate daily living, whether we are reading news stories of struggles and conflict, or not taking our masks off unless we are home. So it continues to be important to deepen our relationship with each other and the areas of life that bring us joy and uplift our spirits! This season of autumn offers us unexpected beauty with its vibrant colors blanketing our hills, piles of pumpkins and squash that bring a smile and a sense of abundance, cooler evenings and clear air to quiet our minds. Again a time to slow down, reflect, find ways to connect with each other by phone, letter, a walk outdoors. I long to be able to visit and spend time with each of you and this will happen, I believe it will!

But like so many of us, I want it to be in a safe way as we continue to ride through this health crisis. We have begun a new year where we imagined finally gathering in person in our church building, but have placed safety for ourselves and each other at the forefront. Our zoom services have offered illuminating conversations, learning and connection, albeit in the virtual world and we will continue on until we know that it makes good sense to open our doors. We can trust in our Re-opening Task Force and our Board to stay on top of the news and research around Covid cases, and to put our health and safety first. It is reassuring, so reassuring to be part of these careful conversations and to trust in each other.

Cultivating Relationship is this month’s theme for the SoulMatters program – what a deep and rich area to focus on! We are involved in relationships that offer intimacy, inspiration, challenge and learning and we know that wisdom and perspective are vital to keep in mind! I work to imagine what someone might be bringing to our conversations from their histories and experiences. And I trust that they too, have encountered challenges, disappointments. They too, have been misunderstood or perhaps not truly seen for who they are. We seek to know each other in deeper and deeper ways. We seek to deepen these relationships and to trust, even when it might feel easier to remain unknown or quiet. Does she truly want to know me, hear my stories? Yes, yes, yes. For when we deepen our relationships with each other, we strengthen the fabric of this, our spiritual community.

All Souls can be a haven for us when we are struggling. All Souls can be a place of exploration and joy. All Souls can be a place to come home to, again and again. Please take gentle care of yourselves and each other and reach out, reach out, we are here living through this experience, together!

Blessings, Rev. Telos