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Our art exhibit is entitled “Seasons of Reflections” a multimedia exhibit of works by six local artists, was on view at All Souls Church in the West Village Meeting House from February 2023 through April 2023. There was a reception on Sunday, February 26, from noon to 2 pm.

The exhibit features original work from the artful lives of All Souls’ art committee, including Maisie Crowther, Marie Gorst, Linda Hay, Beth McKinney, Trish Murtha,and Ann Newsmith.

In her watercolors, Maisie Crowther likes to observe how ice, fog, clouds, pond, river and ocean interact with other landscape elements to provide a dramatic contrast. Marie Gorst displays a collection of abstract oil paintings on paper and canvas. They are studies in color, texture and composition, inspired by both musical and visual stimuli.
Linda Hay display scenes from outer Cape Cod, both her own painting and photographs, as well as the art that inspired her.

Beth McKinney delights in drawing or painting things important to her or which capture her imagination. Artist and art teacher Trish Murtha, who works in watercolor, mixed media, illustration and graphic design, says that she is “mesmerized by vivid shapes, changing color, shadow and light.” 
Ann Newsmith paints flowers and landscapes in watercolor, inspired by the natural beauty of Vermont.

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