Mission Statement

The Caring Circle’s Mission is, with the minister’s guidance, to provide and facilitate loving support and care for members of the All Souls community. We act on requests from the minister, individuals, and their families, and respond only when we have been given permission. Congregants are encouraged to seek compassionate council with the Caring Circle, or any one of its members, when they are experiencing life’s difficulties. We often can offer contact with helpful resources as we are able.

Current members

The Committee members are  Ellie Weiss, Linda Hay, Beth McKinney, Elizabeth Lewis, Heide Bredfeldt and Anne Hier.

Contact us through the Church Office via phone: 802-254-9377, or  email the office at this address asking that we contact you. Or talk to us at Church. We wear special Caring Circle pins on our name tags so you will recognize us.

Our meetings are posted on the church calendar.


Supporting other church members

The Caring Circle reaches out and supports our members and friends, but we need help.  We welcome your involvement. The Caring Circle keeps a roster of volunteers to call upon for temporary help when we receive requests for support. The most typical requests are for meals, transportation, light chores, visits, and gardening, but if there are other ways you can help, please let us know.

You can tell us how you can help using the button below.



Memorial Services

The Caring Circle works with the minister to ensure the church is prepared to help you in a crisis. We encourage members and friends to complete a form that will help the minister to assist your family and to carry out your wishes at the end of life. While the Caring Circle works to help you get this information to the minister, it is confidential and we do not see it. Please use the link below to open the form. Then print it, fill it out, and give it to the office, to the attention of the minister.


Emergency Contacts

The Caring Circle developed the form below during the summer of 2021 for All Souls Church. The purpose is to be able to contact your designated person, if something happens  to you while attending a church function.  After you fill out the form you may return it to the  church to be kept in a secured folder, in the office.