The work of the Communications Committee is to provide a variety of communication avenues for friends and members of the congregation and staff to exchange information. That includes a website, a newsletter, a weekly email news update, a Facebook page, a church friends and members directory, on site bulletin boards, brochures/pamphlets and ongoing communications via emails, telephone exchanges and direct mailings.

The committee also provides information to the general public about church events via press releases to newspapers, radio, and television.

By sending information to the Communications Committee, bodies within the church can send out their message in a number of different formats with just one e-mail. The information need be submitted only once on the Committee’s form in order to be included in a variety of outlets.

Groups and individuals within the congregation may contact the Communications Committee in order to explore which outlets best suit its purposes. The Communication Committee includes the Office Administrator who is the main point of contact for those with information to submit.

Because our congregation includes members with communication differences, the Committee is also available to assist individuals and groups in overcoming Communication challenges. For example some in the congregation may need their written material in a larger font.  For others receiving information, aurally may be preferable. Others do not have e-mail and need information mailed them.

The committee members currently are  the Office Administrator, George Carvill, Trish Murtha, Linda Hay, Ann Newsmith and Rev. Telos Whitfield.

All members of the congregation are invited to consult with the website administrator to suggest additional information be included, that corrections be made, or to arrange for different formats.

The committee has developed the form below to make information submission easier and to allow the submitter to indicate where they wish it to be published. The form also enables one to request additional formats such as posters and signs.

Please check all of the places you wish and approve your item to appear.
Please write your information as you would like it to appear. If your item asks that you be contacted, please include your phone number and e-mail address in the text below.
If you have a picture to add to your submission, you may upload it here. If your information is is text form, simply paste the information into the field above.
Is there a date BEFORE WHICH your item should not appear?
reCAPTCHA is required.

Here is a link to the old Communications Committee notes.