During the 2017-2018 church year, All Souls Church is undertaking a study of white power and privilege.  From worship services to a film series, to panel discussions and readings, we hope to educate ourselves about the advantages being white offers without those of us who have these privileges even being aware.

The Social and Environmental Action Committee (SEAC) encourages the ASC community to support the cause of social justice in a variety of ways:

A. Financially
  • Our shared offerings/collections each Sunday give those attending worship services a chance to contribute financially to local organizations with social justice as their mission.  This program also gives us a chance to learn more about the organizations’ causes and programs. Some of the organizations with whom we have shared our offerings include: Southeastern Vermont Community Action, Groundworks Collaborative, Meals on Wheels, The Root Social Justice Center, and the Brattleboro Area Hospice.
B. With Our Hands
  • The Gleaning Program of the Vermont Food Bank goes into the fields of local farms after the main crops are harvested to pick what is left for distribution to local food banks.  When volunteers are needed we let the congregation know and sometimes pull together a group to send into the fields.
C. With Our Spirit
  • SEAC keeps those who ask aware of actions going on locally in support of causes such as immigrant rights, religious freedom, women’s and children’s causes, and health care for all.