March Message from our ASC President of the Board

Thoughts on Leadership and Looking Ahead

Reflections from the President

We recently held a retreat of the All Souls Board and began our gathering by sharing our  thoughts on what it means to be leaders for the congregation.  Below are a few of our reflections:

Caring … read more.

March Message from Our Minister


“What is it that awakens in my soul when I catch the scent of rain, when I see the sun and moon rise and set on all the colors of the earth, when I approach the heart of wilderness? For indeed … read more.

February Message from ASC Board President

Two Steps Forward… One Step Back?

Reflections from the President

I couldn’t stop thinking of the above quote when I received the email that a water main had cracked beneath our newly paved driveway which caused temporary closure of the drive and disrupted programming in the … read more.

February Message from Rev. Telos Whitfield

“The first element of true love is loving kindness. The essence of loving kindness is being able to offer happiness. You can be the sunshine for another person. You can’t offer happiness until you have it for yourself. So build a home inside by accepting … read more.

“Vigil to End Homelessness”

Join Groundworks Collaborative in Pliny Park at 5pm on Thursday, January 19th as we honor, grieve, and celebrate those experiencing, or who have experienced homelessness in our community. This event is one of many taking place on Vermont’s Homelessness Awareness Day—a day dedicated to Vermonters … read more.

January Message from Rev. Telos


For Those Who Have Far To Travel

If you could see
the journey whole,
you might never
undertake it,
might never dare
the first step
that propels you
from the place
you have known
toward the place
you know not.

Call it
one … read more.

December Message from Rev. Telos Whitfield


O doubter of the light, confused by fear and wrong,
Lean on the heart of night and let love make thee strong!

from the Heart of Night by Bliss Carman

Dear Ones,
Yes, may we lean on the heart of night and let … read more.