Author: George Carvill

Returning to Church – Updated

Please note that these protocols changed starting in April, changed again on April 18 and will no doubt change again.

We have different expectations for services vs small group gatherings.


We started in-person services again on March 13 with protective protocols in place. The … read more.

In-person services are a go

Dear ASC Members and Friends –

As planned, our long-awaited start to Hybrid Services will begin this Sunday, March 13.  However, we realize that it has intersected with a winter storm and the start of Daylight Savings Time (remember to turn your clocks ahead)!

The leadership at All … read more.

Reopening Highlights Phase 2A


Restrictions lifted on July 1; Services on Zoom until September

All Souls Church will lift previous restrictions in place for COVID-19 as of July 1, 2021, including limitations on numbers of people in the building or on the grounds and other required protocols.  The facility will … read more.

Virtual Art Gallery Enhanced

As we learn to live better virtually, we can’t forget art. While we can’t look at the exhibits in the church foyer on Sunday mornings, we can get a closer look via the web page.

Click on the main picture on the home page, or … read more.

Works by Simi Berman

Works by Simi Berman

No longer on exhibit is the new work of local artist Simi Berman who has been an artist for many years. Her work has included illustration, ceramic sculpture , oil painting and collage. She has exhibited her ceramics and humorous prints and … read more.