The Social and Environmental Action Committee (SEAC)


NOTE — Information on this page is very out-of-date. Contact the office or George Carvill or Ellie Weiss for more information.

Mission: The All Souls Social & Environmental Action Committee (SEAC) seeks to provide “encouragement for putting our beliefs and values into action and service” as called for by our Church Mission Statement. We are a spiritual community of seekers engaging UU principles for the good of all.

This past year, the Social & Environmental Action Committee focused on supporting congregational learning on White Power and Privilege, a topic which is challenging us to be aware of the privileges we have and be more open and curious about the differences in experiences we have as human beings. We live in a society which has systematically oppressed people of color, and it’s the awareness of these systems and how they intersect with our privileges that will help us make changes for our community that support the welcoming, diverse congregation that we strive to be.

The current members of the SEAC steering committee are Sarah Lott, co-chair, Marty Shaw, co-chair, Catie G. Berg, Karen Tyler, George Carvill, Linda Hay, Ellie Weiss, Kit Whallon

Ways to be informed and involved:

SEAC Monthly Meetings:
Join SEAC at their monthly meetings, generally 5:00 PM. Check the calendar for specifics. Meetings typically last 1-1.5 hours while we plan next steps and future actions. All are welcome!

All Souls SEAC Google Group:
Keep up to date on all actions, conversations and resources from SEAC by joining our google group! (google groups are a private listserv email and online forum) Contact us below if you’d like to be added to the group!

SEAC Rapid Response Contact List:
Receive short messages of important events in the Brattleboro area, such as rallies, protests, and urgent requests for help. The general idea is to supply you with timely information that can’t wait for the church newsletter directly to your cell phone via text message, or, if you cannot receive text messages, via email. Sign up for the ASC SEAC Rapid Response List

Windham County Action Network, WeCAN:

The Windham County Action Network (WeCAN) is a centralized location to find out about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities among Windham County’s social justice and environmental organizations.

The organization publishes a weekly listing of important social action activities which you can see here.

WeCAN is not associated with SEAC or with All Souls Church UU.

Your feedback is always valuable to us! Connect with us! Contact SEAC Co-chairs anytime.

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