A foundation principle of Unitarian Universalism, our passion for justice permeates ASC life.  Our worship services are full of references to it.  In hymns, readings and the stories we tell our children we call everyone’s attention to it.  By sharing our weekly collection with local groups working for justice we put our money to work for justice.

As Unitarian Universalists living the seven principles, we work for social justice and apply Green environmental practices in the choices we make. Our commitment extends from how we live our lives, to our individual and communal activism, as well as to how we play, and support our community. Locally, nationally, and internationally we see reasons to get involved. Our church family gives us strength to face a deeply troubling situation and companionship we can not do without.

This year we have taken on a special study of White Power and Privilege. Our hope is that by understanding it more deeply, we may be part of the effort to dismantle it. The Social and Environmental Action Committee, the Religious Exploration Committee, and the Worship Committee are taking the lead as we learn about and discuss this topic in a variety of ways. A film series, reading and discussion groups, and worship services are already in the works.

We will also continue to work with the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, and Groundworks Collaborative to support refugees, the victims of natural disasters, and the homeless. Whether we are cooking meals, fundraising, or writing letters to our senators and representatives, we will not neglect the causes we’ve supported over the years.