The overall purpose of the Committee on Ministry (CoM) is to strengthen the quality of the ministry of the entire church as embodied in the work of the minister, congregational committees and lay leadership. The CoM oversees the quality of relationships within the congregation and works to enhance communication and ways of working together as a community.
Members are appointed by the Board from candidates suggested by the minister. There shall be no less than three nor more than five members. No member may serve contemporaneously on the Board and the Committee. If there is no minister then serving, the Board may appoint members of the Committee. The members of the committee serve overlapping three-year terms and meet monthly with the minister


  • Monitors congregational life
  • Educates itself about ministry
  • Develops ways to educate the congregation about ministry
  • Helps model healthy and deepening relationships with the minister
  • Encourages direct, respectful communication between the minister and members of the congregation, including facilitating conflict resolution in accord with the Guidelines and Suggestions for Success contained in the Covenant of Right Relations adopted March 21, 2010, as it may be amended from time to time.
  • Participates in planning both professional and lay continuing education; considers proposals for sabbaticals and other professional development and makes recommendations to the minister, Board and the congregation
  • Coordinates periodic evaluation of the overall ministry of the congregation and its minister.

In the performance of each of the responsibilities above, the Committee serves to consult with the Board about the health of the church’s overall ministry.
Current members: Ian Hefele, Gary Graff, Beth McKinney, Ed Burke, Rev. Telos Whitfield, ex officio

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