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The All Souls Church Friends of the Arts is delighted to present a virtual exhibit about ‘ROCKS’ inspired by Stuart Copans, who has exhibited his ‘Peace’ paper cuts during the Jewish holy days each fall, prior to 2020. TWe curate exhibits by local artists for our art gallery which are in keeping with our UU principles. Art sales generate commissions to support the building and All Souls programs. (Commission rates are 20% for members and 25% for non-members.) The current exhibit on Rocks does not offer any items for sale. 

Stu Copans on Rocks – April 2021

Stu Copans

The Artist responsible for most of the work in this exhibit is nature, constantly changing, creating and destroying.  If there is a collaborator in the process it is time  The distinction between things we consider to be alive and things we call inanimate is not changeable versus unchangeable, but rather the rate at which change takes place .The three exhibitors in this show have chosen rocks and minerals to share, much as curators of a museum show choose pieces of an artist’s work to display.

Stu Copans shows unadorned rocks, some rocks to which he has added lines of ink, and finally some rocks cut and placed on wooden stands carved by Jason Breen. Stu lives in Brattleboro where he enjoys viewing rocks on his walks with his wife Mary.

Maisie Crowther shares excerpts from her book Gathering Rocks: A collection of memories in word and image. A Marlboro resident and long-time member of ASC, Maisie is a lifelong lover of rocks. Here she features several types of rocks she has encountered. 

Linda Dixon uses her basket weaving skills to wrap reeds around rocks in ways that emphasize their shape and structure. She lives in Westminster, VT and is also an ardent lifelong appreciator of rocks.

“I had an exhibit of rocks I had found while snorkeling in the West River as part of my Peace and Papercuts show 3 years ago at ASC gallery, and have had 3 Scholars Rocks, two from China and one from Japan sitting on my desk for several years”.    – Stu Copans