We have been back at Church in person since March. We are offering weekly projects with our children on Sundays.  The children begin the service with everyone in the Main church hall, often seated at their table, by the piano, with quiet activities. After the first chalice lighting, the children read their lighting words then light the chalice they created. After the Story for All Ages, the children leave with the Religious Exploration assistant and another RE adult for their planned Sunday activity. This spring we have had an Easter egg hunt and made May baskets. This summer we plan more outdoor activities. If your family is interested in being part of these fun projects, please connect with Kathy.

Nursery care is available every Sunday, for the very youngest infants up to the age of preschool.  Our Religious Exploration assistant, Katie, is recent graduate of Brattleboro Union High School.


For teens there is a chance to join with the young people in other local congregations to do service work at all souls and to attend special events.

Parents with children of any age should contact a member of the RE Committee to discuss their children’s needs and preferences.

Adults will find a book group, a women’s group, which meets the 4th Saturday each month 9:30 to 11:30, small group ministry, and a variety of workshops, discussions, films, and talks on many topics. There are number of affiliated groups besides those mentioned which provide a chance for exploration.  Presently all groups and meetings are being held on Zoom


Kathy Squires is the convener of this committee and may be contacted through this link.