The ASC Book Group

All adults who enjoy discussing thought provoking books are welcome to join this self directed group.  Not all of those who attend are part of the Church.  At present they meet on Wednesday afternoons at 4 pm, but that is subject to change, by a vote of the group. Check the ASC Church calendar.

Books to be read are also chosen by the group, and range as widely as the interests of the group.  The leaders are volunteers from within the group. Often there is a presentation by some of the readers at a worship service to share what they have learned.

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The Social and Environmental Action Committee

SEAC invites speakers and presenters of workshops to provide a variety of experiences for both the Church and wider community on topics related to social and environmental justice.  They are announced in the newsletter, listed under events, scheduled on the calender and publicized in local media.

The Caring Circle

This committee provides support in times of challenge for individuals within the church family, but also recognizes the need for educating ourselves on coping with the many challenges of of being human.  Films, lectures and workshops are occasionally offered. They are announced in the newsletter, listed under events, scheduled on the calender and publicized in local media.

Small Group Ministry

The Small Group Ministry program deepens and broadens personal spiritual growth. This is done through five components:

  • Listening: Deep listening is a gift for both the speaker and the listener. A connection forms when we share and give this gift to each other.
  • Worship: Worship is central to the life of our congregation. Small Group Ministry augments and strengthens our shared experience.
  • Community: Small groups meet the need for connection and intimacy that is both a hunger in our society and essential to the ongoing life of a spiritual/religious community.
  • Learning: People come to the church seeking spiritual growth, seeking to know themselves better, to grow into their understanding of the sacred and to ponder the age old questions of faith: how to live, what to believe, how to act, what meanings we can decipher from the mystery of life.
  • Service: A life of faith is a life of service. As human beings, we seek to be of use, and a healthy congregation needs to provide avenues through which we may serve.

Women’s Gathering

Come join us even if you have not been before! Each time we meet is different and a little like a “stand alone” time. We encourage all new women newcomers to ASC to gather for simple refreshment and conversation. Bring your questions and share in our search for answers to Life’s Great Mysteries.  You will find good company, warm hearts, and collective wisdom.  Our gathering uses a modified Small Group model of check-in and discussion.  Come a few minutes early so you can prepare yourself a cup of tea or coffee.  Take a break from your busy life and gather with All Souls women.  You deserve it! Check the church calendar for the next meeting. We usually meet the 4th Saturday of the month at 9:15 to 11:00 or 11:30.