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This retrospective of Karen’s remarkable watercolors and pastels will be on view through June 30, with an artist’s reception scheduled for Saturday, June 10, 3 – 5 pm.

New exhibit on view, click here for a preview.

On exhibit are artworks Karen made during the past 40 years.She enjoys painting local scenes, often of Stickney Brook, Sunset Lake, and her favorite maple, which inspired paintings for 35 years, using many different media, including watercolors, pastels and gouache. For ten years, in all seasons, Karen created pastels of the field and stand of sugar maples outside a friend’s kitchen window. Her subjects are the local roads, fields, trees in Westminster West, Putney and all around this corner of Vermont.
Also on display are drawings of animals and birds, which combine mono-prints and charcoal drawings, self portraits drawn with a great variety of different expressions which were mostly created using India ink and a sharpened twig. In addition there are fantasies, including ‘The Sphere Series,’ gems from my imagination, unusual flying creatures.

Many of these paintings and drawings have been in Karen’s private collection, so this is their debut in the world.