Hospitality Hour and Climate Sunday

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Welcome to All Souls Church!

Please join us for coffee and conversation following the service.

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This Sunday will also see another session of our Climate Sunday series.

The next discussion of Climate Church, Climate World will take place on Feb. 23 at 11:30 in the sanctuary and will cover chapters 4 & 5. In order to keep the discussion on topic and to make it possible to share it widely with the congregation there will be group moderators appointed in advance.  They will have the questions, keep the discussion focused on the book, and be prepared to report back to the larger group.  We are guessing that splitting into 4 groups will lead to good discussions, but will adjust that if need be.  Participants will also be given the questions on paper so they may write down their responses. That way even quieter folks can  “have their say” and it will be possible for the congregation and the SEAC steering committee to review them.
Chapter 4 is The Marks of the Church in a Climate Crisis World.  The question we will discuss is the first one listed at the end of the chapter.  Chapter 5 is Discipleship and we will be discussing the first question for this chapter as well.  If likely participants feel that there are other particularly relevant questions, please contact Linda Hay so she can consider adjusting or expanding them.
Rev. Shayna’s sermons are available on the website under Service Archive … check them out, they are well worth having more time to think about!