Delight at the Ice Cream Social … being together again is even better than ice cream!

Catching up with one another at the All Souls Ice Cream Social on July 22 brought beautiful smiles to everyone’s faces. This photo of Tom Baehr, Jamie Gibson, and Lois Reynolds offers proof that a social event was a  perfect way to ease back into gathering in person.  It may have helped that the morning’s Zoom poetry service had all who attended  in a wonderful mood>  Just as the post service coffeehouse brought out heart felt sharing, seeing one another face to face was an enormous treat.

The Board all pitched in to supply a variety of ice creams and  toppings to suit  many  tastes.   Even the non-dairy ice cream substitutes were all eaten. And the Board cleaned up afterwards, with help from some newcomers. There was a home mapping activity available and Maisie supplied a welcome back art project but chatting seemed  be even more popular than eating ice cream.