ASC Members and Friends Art Show


The new exhibit, which will be on view through late October, features work by a dozen members and friends of All Souls Church, a mix of new participants and familiar exhibitors. A printed guide with a list of  what’s for sale, and what is not, can be found on the black metal podium in the foyer and if you CLICK HERE

The church receives a 20% commission on work sold.

Participating artists exhibiting work, whether recently created or from some time ago, include, among others:

Artists List



Ed Burke

Members & Friends Show

 All Souls Church


Maisie Crowther
Nomi Dogan
Christina Gibbons
Marie Gorst
Linda Hay
Darlene Jenson
Elijah Jenson
Suzann Jones
Dorothy Kinney-Landis
Leslie Kinney
Elizabeth Lewis
Richard Marshall
Beth McKinney
Bev Miller
Trish Murtha
Ann Newsmith
JoAnn Parrick
Marty Shaw
John Spicer
Kathy Squires
Ellie Weiss


Contact the artist for purchase arrangements.
Commissions from the sale of art support the building and programs of All Souls Church.

Please take a few minutes to look around our gallery spaces to appreciate the many gifts of our friends and neighbors. And consider participating in next fall’s Members and Friends Art Show—you’ve got a year to work on creating your entries!

The visual arts at All Souls Church support the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism and the elements of our church covenant through permanent and temporary exhibits that educate, encourage, or inspire.