November Message From President of the Board, Leslie Kinney

Celebrating our Past, Preparing for the Future 

Reflections from the President

As I write this I am appreciating the energy and visions of our forebears.  At the service on October 23, Rev. Telos and Linda Hay shared the fascinating story of Rev. William Wells and his role in founding  the Unitarian, Universalist and other congregations in the Brattleboro area in the early 1800s.  I further appreciate the diligence of Linda and many members who have been pouring through our archive boxes, seeking tidbits from history and items for display in November and December. We are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the joining of the Brattleboro Universalist and Unitarian congregations.  It is interesting to learn that similar themes have occurred over time including worries about fuel shortages and cost, topics of fundraising, questions of governance, and more. We will continue to learn about our history in the months to come. 

As I write this, we are in the countdown phase of our “Pave the Way” fundraiser for our driveway.  Many thanks to those who have sent in their gifts for this important project.  We are very pleased at the gracious and generous response to our appeal.  As of this writing, we have raised 77% of the funds needed.  If you have not had a chance to make a special gift, I invite and encourage you to do so now. Help us reach our goal of $60,200 so we can provide a driveway to All Souls which is safer and easier to navigate.  If you have been to the building you are fully aware of the deepening crevices and bumps in the drive!  

There is also news to share about the next steps in assuring the continuation of hybrid worship services.  I’ve had the chance to attend services via Zoom twice during the past month, each time joining 8-12 others online. Clearly Zoom continues to provide important access to our worship. In addition to the recent hiring of Brad Hunt to run Zoom services, the Board has approved $4500 towards the purchase of needed tech equipment including camera, computers and audio equipment.  George Carvill and Janis Chaillou are coordinating this effort and presented the Board with a list of recommended purchases.  We are able to allocate these funds by reassigning anticipated expense for the next phase of shingling.  This has been delayed due to contractor scheduling.  However, we know we will need funds for shingling in 2023 and will look for positive income from pledges, fundraisers, rentals and gifts.  

I am writing this before our Fall Clean-Up scheduled for October 29.  The weather forecast indicates a sunny day so I trust that by the time you read this newsletter, the clean-up has occurred as scheduled and much needed work inside and outside has been done.  Thanks to all who offered their Saturday morning to spruce up All Souls Church.  Special thanks to Carla Fogg for coordinating this event and for all the work she’s done prior to this day, cleaning out overgrown leaves and vines along the fire truck access lane.  

A final note of thanks is to Cathie Creed, who has stepped down from the Board.  We appreciated her time with us sharing her perspectives and helping to keep discussions on track.  There are so many ways that people offer service to the All Souls community!

With blessings, Leslie