Parish Council Minutes, April 2, 2021

Present: Marie Gorst, Rev. Telos Whitfield, Eva G, Tom B, Becky C, Karen T, Linda H, Ron N, Christina G, Kathy & Steve S., Maisie C., George C., Marty S., Catie G. Berg.


  1. Greetings/Introductions


  1. Chalice Lighting and Words from Marie:

– Audre Lorde’s essay, Poetry Is Not a Luxury: “Poetry is the skeleton architecture of our lives.”

– From Karen’s Yogi Tea: “Compassion will make you beautiful.”


  1. Agenda Review & Identify Scribe

– Catie is scribe.

– Eva will mention something about copyrights.


  1. Minister Update

– Remains involved in worship, grateful for worship supporters; BAILA will conduct a retreat next week, for which TW can attend the first hour; RTF continues assessing info and making informed decisions, with goal to be safe and inclusive.


  1. 5. Re-Opening Task Force Update

– Steve S said we won’t relax restrictions—despite vaccinations—since COVID cases are growing in VT; mostly in 18–30-year-olds; we will address exceptions, such as recent requests: Theatre Adventure asked to use Main Hall & ASC asked to present a Spring Fair.

– Marie wondered what coming together would look like; Steve said if VT said vaccinated  people could gather, RTF will take note; RTF to meet on April 29 and will give some guidance re Annual Meeting; will review coming together outside during the summer.

– Steve said some changes in phases: George said in Nov. “no meetings”; before Nov., RTF was in Phase 2; RTF will return to Phase 2, with some adjustments; are not ready to return to indoor Services; Board will receive RTF’s recommendation on April 14.


  1. Building & Capital Needs Update

– Re ADA Lavatory, we have a certificate of occupancy now.

– Lavatory has not been accessorized yet, since Robin S awaits instructions from ASC; Board could discuss.

– Have a list of projects being priced; when costs are available, will decide priorities; next meeting on Wed., April 7.


  1. Spring Clean-Up Day Plans

– Saturday, April 17, from 9:00 A.M. to Noon

– Kathy S said Ruth’s priority is to put Parlor in order; Kathy wants to focus on cleaning all stairways.


  1. Spring Fair Update & Needs

– From 10:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M., since set-up must occur on Saturday morning.

– Marty, Kathy, Becky are representing the Spring Fair; Marty, Kathy & Jamie are working on the online store; Crafters have met once at WVMH, and crafting continues elsewhere; online shop hopes to open on April 12.

– Marie wondered if tents will be available in case of rain; Marty said that canopies will be on sight, though away from the building, if there’s no rain; Marty thinks they need more canopies, to be borrowed from congregants; have four already and might get two more.


  1. Stewardship Team Update

– Christina said Stewardship Team will contact people who haven’t yet donated; will send thanks before Annual Meeting.


  1. Reminders for Annual Meeting’s Preparation

– April 5 is Treasurer’s deadline for Committees’ Budget Request Forms; Apr 15 is new deadline for Committees’ Reports; Sunday, May 2 is Budget Review meeting at 11:45 A.M. via Zoom; Sunday, May 16 is Annual Meeting at 11:45 A.M. via Zoom.


  1. Updates from Board and Committee Reps


– Board: Jamie G is Welcomer for April; send Sunday announcements to Jamie.


– Stewardship Team: Leslie will give Stewardship update on Sunday, April 4.


– Worship: Marty warned that Main Doors’ sign erroneously says we’re in Phase 2 (20 people).

  • April 18 Service is offered by the UUA about “Cerebrating the Earth”; one Sunday in May has not been developed yet.


– Tech Group:

  • George awaits decision re when to start in-person Services, plus the extent of hybrid Services.
  • Steve, George, Linda, Tom, Eva & Jamie have been meeting on Zoom through the UUA for guidance re hybrid Services; hybrid won’t be inexpensive.
  • Linda thinks a decision to become hybrid should be a congregation-wide discussion, so we’ll hear remote and local opinions.
  • Marie thinks the Board needs a better understanding of the tech needs and costs.
  • George said the equipment isn’t the biggest issue; the question becomes, who’s going to set-up and run the Service every Sunday—the personnel issue is the sticking point.
  • Leslie said the Board will review when it knows more about the tech and training needs; could use a task force; George doesn’t know scope yet.
  • Tom wondered about how to manage the choir.
  • Steve said decision to hybrid affects everything about Service: copyrights, movement, etc.
  • Catie suggested asking younger folks to help with hybrid tech.
  • Eva re copyright: before mid-March 2020, we had a “Religious Service Exemption,” since ASC is a 501(c)(3) organization and our Services were live.


On April 4, Eva compiled the following info re copyright:

1) A “Religious Service Exemption” from copyright law applies to all works performed in live services. Broadcasting on TV or radio, however, is not exempt.  Posting services to YouTube or Facebook or similar existing websites is not exempt. For example, if you post recorded services to YouTube, they will use search engines to discover copyrighted material, and then notify the copyright owner, who could (a) make you remove content, or (b) post ads alongside it. ASC is using its own website to stream Services, but if we ever decided to broadcast our Services on radio, TV or another internet platform, we’d need to consider a “worshipcast license.”


2) Live stream religious services (including Zoom) amount to “retransmission”—so any copyrighted material is no longer exempt from claims of violating copyright. Therefore, the safe practice is to use only permitted material that does not require us to obtain “performance rights.” That includes everything listed in the UUA-permitted hymns; all music in the public domain; and all music that is allowed under Creative Commons (CC). The simplest level of that last category is CC-attribution—by giving credit to the artist/composer, you are allowed to use the work and build upon it. The other five levels of CC are more restrictive.


3) So we appear to be meeting the legal requirements for streaming Services on our own website by (a) listing and crediting all our sources, and (b) obtaining and citing permissions where applicable.


– Caring: Becky reported continuing connections via email and phone; monthly check-ins for special needs; for past several months have worked with Telos to revise Memorial Preference Form & it’s now on website; discontinued Minister’s Confidential Form since has no value—instead should have an Emergency Contact Form; developing Sunday Service for April 25 re “How People Can Honor Their Lives and Dying with Care.”


– Nominating: Becky is pleased to report that the slate is complete; all openings are filled.


– SEAC: Karen said “First Sunday” is second Sunday in April, featuring Theatre Adventure on, April 11; May to support Women’s Freedom Center; June to support BCTV with Janis C.

  • Katherine Innis continues the Local Love Brigade.
  • Karen personally feels burned-out with Zoom, so doesn’t want to initiate Zoom meeting of SEAC; not definite about April 15’s scheduled meeting (SEAC scheduled on third Thursdays).


– Arts: Maisie said new exhibit by Stu Copans is online re short course of geological formation of VT; Linda Dixon offers artistic rocks with rush weaving.

  • Next meeting & show TBD.
  • Re accuracy of web links and news for Art, Linda H will review to remove old news.
  • Maisie said it would suit to provide an in-person show for Joy Wallens-Penford’s collection.


– Tag Sale is usually in late May or early June; proceeds go to UUWF, instead of ASC’s coffers.


– RE: Kathy said Easter Egg hunt to be outside with protocols; RE offers something every month.


– Membership: Kathy said seven new people had been at live Services and stayed via Zoom; they’ll be asked if they’d like to join ASC.

  • TW will offer an ‘intro to ASC’ to talk about membership; if people sign the Book by April 16, they could vote at Annual Meeting.


– Music: Tom said Daniel K does amazing tech work for choir’s anthems; Tom B, Choir, Daniel K are all improving; sent info re anthems thru June to EG, GC, MS, TW, KT, DK—with no copyright issues; advantage of virtual anthem allows doubling or tripling on parts; Marie & Tom thanked Eva G for her huge contribution to music.


– Capital Needs: Linda H will send list of lavatory accessories to Ron N for him to report to Board.


  1. Confirm Next Parish Council Meeting Date – Friday, May 7, 2021 from 11:30 A.M.–1:00 P.M.


  1. Extinguish Chalice & Closing Reading: Poem, “The Wild Geese,” by Wendell Berry


End: 1:27 P.M.