Minister’s Message for January 2022

Dear Ones,

Once again, we rest on the threshold of a new year together, holding the possibility of more peace, renewed hope for ourselves and each other, and for the world. We can take time to look back and reflect on all that we have accomplished and done over these many months; the ways we have been able to connect and support each other, the incredible fundraising events like the Spring Fair and Holiday Bazaar and I91 fundraiser; work in stewardship, membership, religious exploration, capital needs and work on our building, caring and leadership. We have navigated covid times with the clear goal of health and safety while continuing to support our church community. It is inspiring! And now, yes we come to a new year and look ahead. It is a time to strengthen our resolve in helping to do what we can to further justice and expand caring for ourselves and each other, as we continue through in these challenging times we are living through. I feel like I have been writing and sharing this truth with you for many months! Ah, but I invite you to feel the connection and possibility within this, our community. It is real and is so needed. And it takes each one of us to help in nurturing our connection to each other. It takes each one of us to help in strengthening our resolve to speak and live our truths. We know who we are and what it means to be part of a Unitarian Universalist congregation. We do. It requires nothing less than being willing to share of ourselves in deep and expansive ways as we live into the best of who we can be. And I know, we are tired. It is hard not to be as the pandemic goes on, and on. It is difficult as we face fears of our own health and safety and those around us, and face unexpected challenges as individuals. Life offers a true balance of hardship and joy, joy in those unexpected sightings of birds, sunlight through branches, unexpected conversations with a longtime friend. What does it mean to live with intention? In her New Year’s message, Joyce Rupp offers reminders that we make choices and decisions that reflect your truest self; that we look in the mirror at least once a day and smile in happy amazement. Yes! I see these realities happening within our community and it makes me smile. You offer me continual reminders of what it does mean to live with intention and I am humbled and grateful to serve this community. May we live into this new year of 2022 together, having the strength to let our own light to shine and encouraging each other to share of themselves, perhaps in new ways! 


Rev. Telos