April Message From Our Minister

Dear Ones,

It is such a relief to see green shoots coming up from the dark earth, feel warmer air and see that the robins have returned! After the storm we just went through, to be able to see the ground and signs of Spring is a relief. Yes, to welcoming this season of new growth. This month is also a holy time, a powerful time for faith communities within the three Abrahamic traditions. The time of Ramadan, of fasting and reflection culminates for Muslims; for Jews, it is the time of Passover, and for Christians, the time of Lent and celebration of Easter. This time encourages reflection and fasting, remembering the power of community. Journeying in the wilderness with the Jewish people as they escaped slavery in Egypt, holding fast to each other, honored during Passover through the sharing of a sacred meal and re-telling of the story. In this time of Lent for Christians, Jesus grappled with fears within a solo wilderness, drawing his community around him to encourage them to continue the work of healing and justice. We held discussions exploring our own inner and outer wilderness – inspiring and interesting conversations as we shared our experiences grappling with unknown paths or no path at all. In this month, Resistance is our theme, a powerful idea and practice if we are examining resistance to injustice, and an embrace of strength and healing. But resistance can also become a barrier – resisting change, resisting intimacy, the urge to close into ourselves rather than reaching out towards another. I have been resisting the urge to hide or postpone actions needed to support my parents and to encourage my own care. How many times may we have heard that if you are a caregiver, then you need to care for yourself first or you will not be good for anyone else… Yes, I hear this and it has led to my renewing my meditation and movement practice, inspired me to lead discussions and have conversations with you. And to welcome the newcomers in our midst for they, you bring fresh ideas and energy, and we are so glad you have found All Souls. May this month offer each of us time for reflection and renewal as we embrace this season of healing and possibility!

Rev. Telos