February Minister’s Message

Courage is a beautiful song, sung in the night,
Courage is the tune standing strong. 

The brave catch fire, pass sparks along,
Cast by the light, courage is a beautiful song.
Courage is the fight to belong,
When in your sight, Courage is the tune standing strong. 

– Mellissa Borth

Dear Ones,

Life takes courage, for each of us. It really does, and we know it. We may feel that the uncertainty or struggle or fear we are facing on an individual level does not compare to what the people of Ukraine or Gaza are facing every day and yes, there are places and circumstances that are vastly more challenging to face. But it takes courage to make even a single decision in our own lives, whether it be an action that impacts our families, a stand we feel called to take, we need to be open, weighing the impacts and imagine how it might affect ourselves or each other, it takes courage. It takes courage to hold fast to a belief in the strength of peace and reconciliation, and a seeing a way through struggle. It takes courage to engage and commit to being a member of a faith community, to embrace All Souls as your spiritual home. Life takes courage, heart, a willingness to risk being truly seen and heard. But what is the alternative? To be part of a crowd or mob that is being pushed forward by fear? We need to boldly state our commitment to justice and equality, we need to proudly affirm that all beings deserve to live their lives in peace, treated with dignity and respect. We need to sing our way through struggle and conflict, believing that there is a place of peace waiting for us all. Courage is a beautiful song, sung in the night. I am honored and grateful to be able to sing with you on this path of courage as we move forward together in faith. 

Blessings, Rev. Telos

Sharing Our Covenant

We build our church on a foundation of love,
and covenant with one another:
to freely explore our values and honor our diversity
as a source of communal strength,
to accept responsibility for our individual acts
and promote justice and peace,
to celebrate the joys of discovery,
embracing the fullest measure of our humanity,
to communicate with kindness and support,
to serve with compassion and commitment,
to openly share our laughter and tears, and
to show reverence for the divine in all that is.
(Covenant adopted on April 17, 2001)


February Holy Days, Days To Remember

February 1 – Imbolc – festival to mark halfway point between winter solstice and spring equinox – Pagan and Wiccan

February 2 – Candlemas – celebration of birth of light – Christian

February 8 – Lailat al Miraj – Prophet Muhammad’s pilgrimage from Mecca to Jerusalem – Muslim

February 10 – Chinese New Year 

February 14 – Ash Wednesday – marks the beginning of Lent – Christian

February 15 – Parinirvana – known as Nirvana Day in Mahãyãna Buddhism, honors the death of Buddha and his attainment of final nirvana. – Buddhist

February 26-29* – Intercalary / Ayyam-i-ha – celebration and period of fasting, giving back to community to honor Divine Essence of God – Bahá’í