ASC Board President’s April Message

Reflections from the President

Anticipating and Preparing for the Future

We have just completed our formal Stewardship month, with hopes that each member and friend will have considered and made a financial commitment to All Souls Church for the fiscal year July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025.  If by chance, you have not yet made your commitment or if you are newer to the church and did not receive a Stewardship packet, please know that it is not too late!  Stewardship forms are still available and commitments can also be made through our website.  

During March, many of us had a chance to gather for Stewardship conversations during which we personally reflected and shared with others, “What brought me to All Souls Church”  “What keeps me involved?”   We heard that community is extremely important — from the first welcome to the ongoing opportunities to deepen connections with others, through worship, group activities, service and social times together.  

A few of us had a chance to share our Pathways to All Souls Church.  In my own reflection I thought about how important being part of a faith community has been throughout my life.  It was very clear to me that All Souls Church has offered me many opportunities to learn, grow, test my skills, and share my talents.  I also realized that often when I have felt most challenged in my life — even broken — that people at All Souls Church have been there to pick me up.  I am so very grateful.

These are the reasons I am passionate about Stewardship.  I want this church to be there for me and for you.  During April the Finance Committee and Board will be developing a proposed budget for the coming year.  We will look at all anticipated income including Stewardship, rentals, fundraising and miscellaneous gifts.  We will also make the best projection possible about expenses with high hopes that we can increase our budget lines for ministry so that Rev. Telos can be with us more than half-time.   She would continue to work with to deepen our connections with one another and to reach out and make a difference to the greater community.

Also during April we will be preparing for our May Annual Meeting.  Each team, group and committee is asked to write a brief report to summarize activities of the past year.  Each report will describe the group’s purpose or mission, who was involved along with an informative summary of activities. These reports give us an annual snapshot of congregation.  They help us plan what’s to come and serve as an invaluable record for our archivists and historians.   A key committee that has been at work since late winter is Nominating and during April they will finalize their slate of nominees for elected positions.  Many thanks to all those who have served in an elective capacity and appreciation to those who are stepping forward to say, “Yes!”

Profound thanks to Beverly Miller who retires after eight years of service to All Souls Church as our Office Administrator.  This position is at the hub of church communications.  Beverly offered many gifts to us beyond her administrative work, including her interpretive movement and dance during services, small group facilitation, and as coordinator of the Compassionate Friends support group and the RSVP Bone Builder’s classes that have been held at the West Village Meeting House.  We wish her well in all that comes next.  

We welcome Robin Olson as our new administrator.  She is a long-time UU and comes to us with great enthusiasm and many skills, having a most interesting background working with educational programs and as a writer.   You are sure to get to know her over time. 

Together in Faith, Leslie