Bazaar Wrap-Up 2018 by Kathy Squires

I will start with the numbers.  Our tally is $6574, this is up from last year, so Yippee!
The Main Event – the wreaths, greens, and ornaments, brought in more than half of the total bazaar income, led by Ruth L. and Becky C,, $3593. Linda H.’s new wreath making machine made about half of the wreaths.  The week before the bazaar opened many worked to decorate the fifty some wreaths, numerous swags, boxwood trees, centerpieces, and decorated candle  holders.
The Artisan Holiday Bakery led by Linda, reached another new high at $1,133. She worked with the other bakers on most Mondays and several Tuesdays throughout the fall. There are still some stollen, frozen (never thawed) available from the freezer, both conventional and gluten free which could bring in a little more.
The Gift Emporium led by Marty S. offered the Gift Baskets as Raffle Prizes and other gifts were sold directly.  There are a few items left to purchase on Sunday. Check them out in the foyer.
Kay L. took the reins for the Friday evening “Chili to Go”. She and her husband, Turner, ran the kitchen ($153, almost double from last year).
Heidrun and Leslie were the leaders in the Cafe for the Saturday Luncheon featuring home made soups, fruit and bread for a total of $355 about the same as last yea
The Green Team, now known as the Eco Table, is still selling chocolate and hand-made gift bags, some of which are also still avaialble so check them out on Sunday also.
To add to the holiday spirit, Chas B. serenaded us with classic holiday tunes on the piano.  Children decked out upside down ice cream cones to make Christmas Trees and cross cut rounds of birch were decorated with some of the natural items we use on our wreaths. It seemed children of all ages enjoyed this decorating, just ask our Rev. Shayna to show you what she made.
So big, big thanks to those who crafted much of the year, those who gathered the greens (and to Dan M. whose trees we cut); and to all the fancy bakers; to those who donated for baskets and gift items; to those who made chili, soup, corn bread and apple crisp, macaroons and let us not forget the dish washers or all of those who transformed the bazaar back to the sanctuary of ASC.
I know my count is not complete, but there were at least 57 ASC friends and members who participated in making this year’s Bazaar such a success and that’s not counting the shoppers.
Our new system of one check-out seemed to make the shoppers happy, and for the first time we had “The Square” for credit cards, so folks could charge all their goodies.
Thank you all for your excitement, the energy and time you shared, your hands and hearts that worked on making it so much fun and so successful. From the funds raised for our budget, to new friends welcomed  through our doors, to a tradition maintained, it was great.
If you would like more details on the numbers just ask Kathy.  And the final word is BIG THANKS.  Kathy Squires, Bazaar Chair