A Fine Gathering

We had a fine gathering last Sunday for our 97th, yes 97th, annual meeting. Far more than the needed quorum were in attendance, with a great many also represented by proxy.

The upshot for me was the election of the new slate of board members joining me: Leslie Kinney, vice president; Sarah Lott, treasurer; Catie Berg, clerk; Marie Gorst, Suzann Jones and Maise Crowther, members-at-large. These women are each remarkable in their wisdom, dedication, intelligence and clarity. We are truly fortunate they will be providing the governance that will facilitate the flowering of ministries at All Souls.

And I can’t say enough to thank Jamie Gibson and Janis Chaillou, who stepped down as treasurer and clerk respectively: they dug in and got the job done with grace, humor, and grit. My life has been enhanced by the time I spent with Jamie and Janis on our board adventure.

In other news, the main hall is scheduled for floor replacement and painting between July 15 and August 30.

Clean up day will follow the tag sale. In the meantime any and all should feel free to straighten up outside. I asked our groundskeeper, Jasper, to leave some work that members of our congregation have done in the past, like the island and the courtyard. It would be great if some persons, with the aid of a truck could empty the sand barrels and move them around to the back of the building.”