Ah, summer!

As we begin the summer I feel blessed by this wonderful community. I have recently been asked who comprises the Board of Trustees starting July 1.  The board will be: Ed Burke, president; Leslie Kinney, vice president; Catie G. Berg, clerk; Sarah Lott, treasurer; and Marie Gorst, Maisie Crowther and Suzann Jones, members at large. Please join me in expressing gratitude for their offers of service.

The West Village Meeting House will be abuzz with construction and grounds activity this summer. Specifically, D&E Tree Company will be removing about 10 dead trees; several contractors will be working in the early learning center; and we will be installing new flooring in the main hall as well as painting it.

The work on the early learning center space, the lower classrooms in the west wing, has already begun, bringing the space into compliance with fire safety and daycare licensing regulations. Contractors will be taking up all manner of repairs and upgrades when Miss Martha’s Creative ELP lease begins on July 1. A huge thanks to all of you who busted hump getting those rooms cleared out.

Don’t rest yet. We need to get the main hall completely cleared out before the painters arrive July 15! The folks at TAP have offered to help us move out the chairs when they breakdown after their final session on Friday, July 12 . The breakdown begins at 1 p.m. and we need ASC folk to be part of that effort. And there will be quite a bit to be moved out besides the chairs. What remains will be moved Saturday, July 13 at 9 a.m. We need bodies! Please contact me asap to sign up for either or both times.

Ah, summer!

  – Ed Burke