I-91 Welcome Center Coffee Break coming soon!

I-91 Welcome Center Coffee Break Fundraiser

Friday August 30 is the date for this year’s ASC Coffee Break at the I-91 Welcome Center. It’s the Friday of Labor Day weekend!!! A great fun summer fund raiser for All Souls (more than $1200). We “offer” our goodies for “by donation” to travelers coming to Vermont stopping at the Welcome Center on I 91 (before exit 1, Brattleboro). Volunteers are needed for donations of baked goodies (lots and lots), drinks- like lemonade (frozen), real ice tea, and coffee and milk, bread for sandwiches, lots of watermelon especially if it’s a beautiful hot day. We have a cash donation to buy tuna and stuff to make sandwiches. I would love a helper to coordinate the sandwich making. I will have sign-up sheets this Sunday at the church. You can sign up for 2 hour shifts of working at the Center, and/or sign up to make cookies and such. Home-made goodies are the best. Bags of check mix, baggies of celery and carrots, and baggies of popcorn are also all popular. Call (365-7388) or email Kathy