Minister Search Task Force

The minister search task force is in full swing. We’ve had several meetings working on our church profile which will be put on line for prospective ministers to read. Our profile describes what we think good worship services are like, askes us about our history which we dated back to 1922 when the Unitarians and Universalists joined to become one congregation, All Souls Church. There are questions about how we relate to the community and about our social action, historically and presently. By the time this newsletter comes out we should have finished the profile and submitted it to the UUA Transition Services for inclusion in its nationwide database of congregations in search of ministers. Perhaps we may even have some ministers show interest in All Souls by that time. The team is Ed Burke, Becky Cameron, George Carvill, Marty Shaw and Kathy Squires. We were selected by the Board of Trustees at its special meeting held January 5, 2020.
And YOU can help, too! In this information age we can be sure that prospective candidates will be checking us out on our webpage. The committee would love it if folks in the congregation could take a look and let us know if they see any incorrect or out-dated information.
Kathy Squires 365-7388