New Minister

Sunday, April 19, I announced to those gathered for the Sunday Service that last Monday, the Minister Search Team unanimously recommended to the Board of Trustees that the Board hire candidate Rev. Telos Whitfield to serve as All Souls’ next contract minister, beginning August 1, 2020. After presentation by the Team and discussion by the Board, the Board unanimously voted to accept the Team’s recommendation and to offer the position to Telos. The Board also voted to authorize President Ed Burke, Vice President Leslie Kinney and Treasurer Sarah Lott to enter into negotiations of the terms of an employment contract with Telos for the Board’s eventual consideration.

Later that evening I conveyed the offer to Telos and she immediately accepted our offer. Leslie Kinney and I are working on the terms of a proposal to present to Telos.

We were blessed with three very qualified candidates for the position of minister. Any of them would have served All Souls well. However, Telos stood out in her remarkable compassion for all of the members of her congregations, even through difficult times. She shares an infectious joy in her ministry, reported again and again in the interviews of her references. Telos currently ministers to the UU congregation in Strafford, Vermont and previously ministered to the congregations of Chester, VT and Walpole, NH. I believe I can confidently profess on behalf of the Minister Search Team and the Board of Trustees that All Souls Church will be well served by the Rev. Telos Whitfield and, in light of my conversations with Telos, she is genuinely excited by the opportunity to engage with us in the ongoing brilliant ministry of All Souls Church.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Minister Search Team for the excellent work from start (creating an extensive profile of All Souls Church for the UUA minister search data bank) through to the final recommendation to the Board of Trustees. Thank you very much George Carvill, Kathy Squires, Marty Shaw, Becky Cameron, Leslie Kinney, Rose Mangum, and myself.

Celebrating the prospect of the next chapter in the journey that is All Souls Church.

Ed Burke