Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!

Click right here next Sunday at 10 to join your ASC friends online.

Can We Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day in the Midst of a Pandemic? Why, Yes We Can! This Sunday, we will take the opportunity to honor both Mother Earth and the inception of Earth Day, a powerful international, apolitical climate justice movement. Both our current health crisis and our climate emergency speak to our vulnerability but they also bring out our strengths – resilience, creativity, compassion and community. Join with us as we commemorate our planet and our passion to do it justice.



Order of Service


Moving Heaven and Earth

Board Welcome

Prelude            Praise Song for the Pandemic      Christine Valters Paintner (The Work of the People)

Chalice Lighting/ Opening Words: 
      Committed to Respond by  Lynn Harrison

“Committed to respond to the call of a wounded world…
We join together this day with loving hearts, hands and minds.
Embracing the interconnected web of water, air and earth…
We light a fire of sustaining hope, ever bright with love and justice.
May we bring forth this day new wisdom, strength and courage
To create a new world not of wealth, but well-being.
A world of new peace and abundance for all.
As we give thanks for this earth, our shared and singular home,
May we dedicate ourselves to its ongoing care.
Rising to the calls deep within us, and all around us…
May we respond today and always with courage and with love.”

Hymn             Morning Has Broken

Reading       The Miraculous Pitcher By Barbara Rohde

Special Music
Edelweiss   Rodgers & Hammerstein performed & recorded by Steve Squires   

Story for All Ages – The Tree Lady

Offertory     Nimrod, from Enigma Variations   Edward Elgar 

Offering shared with Groundworks Collaborative

Homily Part 1

Hymn        For All That is Our Life

Homily Part 2

Hymn          Blue Boat Home

Extinguishing the Chalice/ Closing Words
As we go forth from this sacred space,
May we celebrate Earth and our shared lives,
May we recognize our connections to all that is in and on Earth,
May we truly and deeply value the inherent worth of all
In this awesome interconnected web of existence,
May we commit ourselves to a new way,
And may we hold our commitments and each other
Gently yet firmly.
Blessed be and Amen.

Closing Circle (sung 2 times)
“Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again.”