Connecting with the Circle for Climate Concern

Coming from members of the Circle for Climate Concern, this Service shares thoughts and feelings—of worry, grief and response—about the world’s climate crisis. Our introspection, discovery and connection give us an awareness of our talents and perspectives. We learn how to act in unique ways that—when connected with others’ efforts—can accomplish big things toward healing our Earth. This Service will be led by Catie G. Berg, Christina Gibbons, and Beverly Miller.

Graphic by Dori Midnight

Order of Service, Sunday, August 30, 2020
“Connecting with the Circle for Climate Concern”

• Welcome from Board Member, Ron Niswander

• Musical Prelude – Songs Without Words op. 19:1, by Felix Mendelssohn,
with Eva Greene

• Chalice Lighting – Beverly Miller, with words by Joanna Macy

• Settling with Our Breath – Christina Gibbons

• Opening Words – “The Spiral of the Work That Reconnects” by Catie G. Berg

• Hymn #1064 – Blue Boat Home – sung by Bob Wyckoff,
with piano by Eva Greene

• Time for All Ages – “The Great Realisation” by Tomos Roberts – aka Probably Tom Foolery

• Anthem – Now Is the Cool of the Day by Jean Ritchie,
performed by Catie and Christina

• “Coming from Gratitude” – by Beth McKinney

• “Opening to Our Pain” – by Catie G. Berg

• Hymn #1006 – In My Quiet Sorrow
performed by Marie Gorst, Eva Greene, and Beverly Miller

• “Seeing with New Eyes” – by Marlene Everingham

• “Going Forth with Action” – by Marilyn Chiarello

• Offering – Christina Gibbons

• Offertory Music – The Four Seasons (excerpt), “Spring” by Vivaldi

• Meditation for Joys & Sorrows – Dona Nobis Pacem
sung by Catie and Christina

• Chalice Extinguishing – Beverly Miller, with “A Vision” by Wendell Berry

• Musical Benediction – Catie G. Berg with Pete Seeger’s
To My Old Brown Earth

• Closing Circle: “Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet again.”
(Sing two times)