Make a Change

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Honoring Black History Month and our “Beloved Community” theme, Ellie Weiss and George Carvill will offer a service with guests James “Sparky” Rucker and Rhonda Rucker. The service will look at Rhonda’s book, “Make a Change.” But the service will go beyond that with a musical discussion of the place of song in the Civil Rights Movement and creating community.

Order of Service

February 21, 2021


Gathering And Board Greeting: Leslie Kinney

Prelude: “Hymn to Freedom,” composed by Oscar Peterson;
Bob Wyckoff, cornet; Eva Greene, Piano
George Carvill, audiovisual technician

Chalice Lighting:

“As we light this chalice may it serve to give us clarity of purpose and illumine our way as we set about doing the work of this congregation, in commitment, in cooperation, and in love.” 

— Rev. Viola Abbitt

Opening Words: 

“Music has the power to send out your message. It can be your shield and your sword. People underestimate the power of the human voice.” 

— Ysaye Barnwell

Music and Story: “Make a Change” James and Rhonda Rucker

Offertory: “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free” by Dr. Billy Taylor,
Eva Greene, piano
George Carvill, audiovisual technician

Candles of Joys and Concerns

Closing Hymn: Led by James and Rhonda Rucker

Extinguishing the Chalice:

“I see songs as armor when you need it. And I see songs as a blessing. We’re back to the beginning. Songs have a function. That’s what I want people to understand. They come to you when you need them.”

— Ysaye Barnwell

Closing Circle: “Carry the Flame of Peace and Love”