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Since 2017, when Steve Crofter and Laurel Green first opened their home in Rockingham to a family in need of asylum in the US, All Souls Church has warmly supported the Community Asylum Seekers Project.  In a few short years, in response to the great need and in the face of many obstacles, this organization has grown to support many individuals and families coming from a range of countries and cultures.  Join us in this service, led by the Social and Environmental Action Committee, as we welcome Executive Director Kate Paarlberg-Kvam, who will tell us about the challenges and rewards of this work, and how we can help.


Click right here Sunday shortly before 10:00 AM to join our online service

 Order of Service
Sunday, March 6, 2021         

Announcements and Board Greeting                          Leslie Kinney

Prelude:  Aguas de Marco [Waters of March]   Antonio Carlos Jobim
Eva Greene, piano
Chalice Lighting                                                            Karen Tyler

Out of the flames of fear
We rise with courage of our deepest convictions
to stand for justice, inclusion and peace

Out of the flames of scrutiny
We rise to proclaim our faith
With hope to heal a fractured and hurting world

Out of the flames of doubt
We rise to embrace the mystery, wonder and awe
of all there is and all that is yet to be

Out of the flames of hate
We rise with the force of love
Love that celebrates our shared humanity

Out of the flames we rise.

Opening Words                                                                         Karen Tyler                       

Opening Song: “Come, Sing a Song with Me”   Carolyn McDade
  led by Marie Gorst, interpretation by Bev Miller

Affirmation (adapted from Lucas Hergert)
Love is the doctrine of this church
Our faith in each other is its sacrament
Working for justice and living with compassion is its prayer.
Reverently we covenant together
to side with love, to heal and not to harm,
and to share hope with each other and with the world.

“Stewardship Moment”: Bob Wyckoff

Story for All Ages: “Four Feet, Two Sandals”
by Karen Lynne Williams and Khadra Mohammed, Illustrated by Doug Chayka  

read by Ellie Weiss

Special Music:    “Lady of the Harbor”
 Words and music by Joe Jencks (c) 2010, 2013 Turtle Bear Music , ASCAP
joejencks.com, used by permission
Performance and video by Steve Squires
Offering Guest Speaker:  Kate Paarlberg-Kvam, Director of Community Asylum Seekers Project

Inviting the Offering                                                                  Karen Tyler

Offertory:   Kaharwa [Raga]
excerpt from Aziz Herawi, Master of Afghani Lutes (1991)

(photos of Aziz Herawi and Afghan musicians in the U.S.) 

Honoring Joys and Sorrows                                                           Karen Tyler

Reading:  “Immigrant’s Song” by Tishani Doshi                  Ed Burke
Closing Hymn:  “Love Will Guide Us” lyrics by Sally Rogers
                         led by Christina, Marie, Eva & Steve
Extinguishing the Chalice  by Vanessa Williams
Like the flame of the chalice,
may the flame in our hearts burn,
remaining unextinguished.
May it ignite our energies, our drive, our resolve,
to dream, to build, and live into the world
that good which exists, for now, only in our imaginings.

Closing Circle: “Carry the Flame of Peace and Love” (sung two times)

Benediction                                                                Karen Tyler

I can feel the suffering of millions
and yet, if I look up into the heavens,
I think it will all come right,
and that this cruelty too will end,
and that peace and tranquility will return again.
In the meantime,
I must uphold my ideals,
for perhaps the time will come
when I shall be able to carry them out.

– Anne Frank

Coffee Hour and Conversation