“Our Evolving Challenge”

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Our Evolving Challenge: Join us in considering the Brattleboro community’s response to the pandemic with Dr. Robert Tortolani, a beloved family physician for 44 years, as he shares his reflections on volunteering at over 40 local immunization clinics, and on the evolving challenges of this time.

“Our Evolving Challenge”

Click right here Sunday shortly before 10:00 AM to join our online service.

Order of Service
Sunday, August  8, 2021

Gathering and Board Greeting                   

“Lead me, Lord, in thy righteousness; make thy way plain before me”
Psalm V:8    composed by Samuel Wesley (1861)

Hilary Menegaz Weitzner, violin

Chalice Lighting                                                      Jamie Gibson

“Come into the circle of love and justice.

Come into the community of mercy, holiness, and health.

Come and you shall know peace and joy.”

(Adapted from Israel Zangwill)

Opening Words                                                           Karen Tyler

Opening Hymn #331:  “Life Is the Greatest Gift of All”  
    Melody: James Leith Bain (Brother James’ Air)   Words: William Oliver.
Eva Greene, alto

Reading:  “May the Light of Your Soul Guide You” by John O’Donohue

Song:  “Hard Times Come Again No More”  Stephen Foster
Performed and produced by Steve Squires

Story For All Ages: “I Am Love” by Susan Verde
Read by Ellie Weiss

Guest Speaker: Dr.Robert Tortolani, “Our Evolving Challenge”

Offering shared with The Women’s Freedom Center

Offertory: “Variation 14 on a Corelli theme”  Sergei Rachmaninoff
Eva Greene, piano

Candles of Joys and Concerns                                           Karen Tyler

Closing  Song:  “We’re Still Here”   Holly Near
Catie G. Berg, soprano; Eva Greene, alto

Extinguishing the Chalice  by James Morison                        Jamie Gibson

“Within each of our hearts there is a most glorious light.
Go forth, and let its spark help you understand what troubles both you and others;
Go forth, and let its light of reason be a guide in your decisions;
Go forth, and bring its ray of hope to those in need of help in both body and spirit, that they may find healing;
Go forth, and fan the flames of passion to help heal our world;
Go forth, and spread the warm glow of love, pushing back the darkness of the world;
Go forth, and share your glorious light with the world.”

Closing Circle: “Carry the Flame of Peace and Love” (sung two times)