Seasons of Our Lives

Click right here Sunday shortly before 10:00 AM to join our online service.

Join us for this service, presented by the Social and Environmental Action Committee (SEAC), as we welcome Brattleboro Area Hospice, the community organization with which we will be sharing our November offerings.  Our guest speaker will be our dear friend, Patty Dunn, Program Coordinator, who will share perspectives on the work of Hospice in this season of transition from fall into winter.

“Seasons of Our Lives”

Click right here Sunday shortly before 10:00 AM to join our online service.

Order of Service
Sunday, November 7, 2021


Announcements and Board Greeting                              Ron Niswander

Prelude: “Sonata in Eb:Adagio ”                                Ludwig van Beethoven
Eva Greene, piano

Chalice Lighting by Jennifer Gracem

“Universal Mystery,

Guide us away from the desire to 

Shine light in all the corners,

Teach us to embrace the night,

For without the darkness,

We never see the stars.”

Opening Words                                                                Karen Tyler                       

Opening Hymn #123: “Spirit of Life”                          Carolyn McDade
Many singers, interpretation by Beverly Miller
Reading:  “Questions to Consider When Waking” by Bernadette Miller
(read by Patty Dunn)

Hymn: “By and By”       Charles A. Tindley (ca. 1906)
sung by Marie Gorst and Eva Greene

Story for All Ages: “The Next Place” by Warren Hanson

Offering Guest Speaker: Patty Dunn of Brattleboro Area Hospice

Offertory:  “Journey”  composed by Tom Baehr 
Tom Baehr, fife and bass dulcimer; Daniel Kasnitz, production

Candles of Joys and Concerns                     

Reading: “You Reading This, Be Ready” by William Stafford
(read by Patty Dunn)

Closing Hymn: Love Call Me Home”.  Peggy Seeger
sung by Steve Squires, Marie Gorst, Catie G. Berg, Karen Tyler
interpretation by Beverly Miller

Extinguishing the Chalice  by Amy Zucker Morgenstern
“Blessed is the dark, in which our dreams stir and are revealed.
Blessed is the dark of earth, where seeds come to life.
Blessed are the depths of the ocean where no light shimmers: the womb of all earthly life.

Blessed is the light into which we awake,
the light that sparkles on the waters:
that calls the tree forth from the seed,
and calls the shadow forth from the tree.

Blessed are we as we move through darkness and through light.”


Closing Circle: “Carry the Flame of Peace and Love” (sung two times)

Benediction                                                                                   Karen Tyler
“We meet today, we will meet again tomorrow.
We will meet at the source of every moment.
We meet each other in all forms of life.”               Thich Nhat Hanh”

Coffee Hour and Conversation