The Sound of Spirit

What does “spirituality” mean in a denomination that does not have a prescriptive theology or liturgy? UU’s can sometimes be rather cerebral about what we believe, but many of us long for a direct experience of transcendence, whether or not we have a name for it. In our Summer Solstice service last week, we shared in a ritual from a faith practice rooted deeply in the natural world. This week’s service features healing arts practitioner Sher Levesque, who uses sound and movement to reach beyond what may be familiar, in order to access that transcendent energy. (This will be a very family-friendly service, with opportunities for participation!)

This week’s service will invite you to explore the intersections of sound & spirituality, through using sound as a tool for reflection. Our guest presenter is Sher Levesque from Sri Healing Arts in Brattleboro. She will offer a perspective on the relationship between sound and spirit through meditations with Himalayan singing bowls and a gong. The service will include several brief practices of contemplation & meditation with the instruments and also include an opportunity for any children in attendance to help lead one of the activities.