Summer Solstice and Flower Communion

The Wheel continues to turn, and the seasons pass. Now is the time to welcome the Summer Solstice. We come together this morning as celebrants, as seekers and companions. We enter into this, the longest day, joyfully, allowing ourselves the beauty of this time together in which we may rest our cares and sorrows, and allow our hearts and spirits to be uplifted. Take a deep breath, drink in the beauty and community that surrounds you in this place, and as you release it, become centered here, in the now. We will celebrate the unique and precious gifts that each of us brings to the wholeness of this community with what has become a UU tradition, the Flower Communion.  Worship Participants: Diana Clark, Karen Tyler, Sarah Lott, Ellie Weiss, Marie Gorst, Kit Whallon, Beverly Miller