“Transforming Lives, Inspiring Futures”

Click right here Sunday shortly before 10:00 AM to join our online service.

For the month of May, All Souls Church will be sharing our Sunday offerings with Youth Services, which has been helping young people and their families thrive since 1972.  For this service, presented by the Social and Environmental Action Committee, we will be welcoming Executive Director Russell BradburyCarlin, who will speak with us about their work.  Russell will also be joining us at our Virtual Coffee Hour following the service, for questions and discussion.

“Transforming Lives, Inspiring Futures”

Click right here Sunday shortly before 10:00 AM to join our online service.

Order of Service
Sunday, May 2, 2021


Greeting and Announcements                     Marie Gorst
Prelude:   “Wake Now, My Senses” trad. Irish melody (Shane)
                        Hilary M. Weitzner, Violin                  

Chalice Lighting: 

“We light this chalice for our children and youth, and for us:
celebrating the flame of faith lit in each of us,
honoring the light each of us bring into the world,
rejoicing in the community we create together”

            Christian Schmidt, Alexis Capen

Opening Words

Opening Hymn #175 “We Celebrate the Web of Life”  
                     lyrics, Alicia Carpenter, melody, Melchior Vulpius
                           Sung by Elizabeth Lewis, Marie Gorst

My Path to All Souls Church                        Ruth Lane

Special Music    “Hope Lingers On”
composer, Lissa Schneckenberger, arr. by Andrea Ramsey

                  performed by the Boston Children’s Chorus

Story For All Ages: “The Invisible Boy” by Trudy Ludwig
                              read by Karen Tyler

Hymn #129      “Let Love Continue Long”
                        Words: Berkley Moore, music: John Ireland
                                   performed by Eva Greene

Offering Speaker               Russell Bradbury-Carlin,
Executive Director, Youth Services

Offertory  Lobe Den Herren (Praise to the Lord),
Ernwerten Gesangbuch, 
Stralsund, 1665

                                  Eva Greene, Piano

Candles of Joys and Concerns

Closing Song  ”We Are All In This Together” by Carole King  
                  Performed by Janis Chaillou and Eva Greene

Extinguishing the Chalice 
Today, you sail your ship out of the safe harbor of this church community. But, know that your ship joins a mighty fleet of kindred souls facing the storms together. Today, you steer to ports unknown — but know that wherever you drop anchor, fellow travelers are there to greet you, to guide you, and to be your companions, whatever joys or difficulties your journeys may bring.

Jeff Liebman

Closing Circle: “Carry the Flame of Peace and Love” (sung two times)


“Our most important task as a nation is to make sure all our young people can achieve their dreams.”  

Barack Obama

Many thanks to George Carvill, AV engineer and producer