*Climate Film : SEAC Presents 2040 – A look at a possible future

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2040 is a hybrid feature documentary that looks to the future, but is vitally important NOW!

The 2040 journey began with award-winning director Damon Gameau. Motivated by concerns about the planet his 4-year-old daughter would inherit, Damon embarked on a global journey to meet innovators and change-makers in the areas of economics, technology, civil society, agriculture, education and sustainability. Drawing on their expertise, he sought to identify the best solutions, available to us now, that would help improve the health of our planet and the societies that operate within it. From marine permaculture to decentralized renewable energy projects, he discovered that people all over the world are taking matters into their own hands.

SEAC will screen the film in a Zoom meeting followed by a discussion. We will screen the film twice, once after church on Feb. 14 and Thursday evening, Feb. 18 at 6:30.

For questions email Karen Tyler or email George Carvill

You can learn more about the film here.

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