I-91 Welcome Center Coffee Break Fundraiser

Event Details

Friday July 1 is the date for this year’s ASC Coffee Break at the I-91 Welcome Center, Real and In Person.  This is the Friday of the Fourth of July weekend, a very busy date.  Please start baking now!!!  

A great fun summer fund raiser for All Souls (more than $1200).  We “offer” our goodies for “by donation” to travelers coming to Vermont stopping at the Welcome Center on I 91 (before exit 1, Brattleboro).  We get to meet lots of folks, sing praises of our beloved Vermont, maybe give directions or restaurant suggestions, and maybe just a little UU proselytizing. 

Volunteers are needed for donations of baked goodies. Home-made goodies are the best.(lots and lots). We also need drinks (like frozen lemonade, real ice tea, and coffee and milk), bread for sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, tuna, and lots of watermelon especially if it’s a beautiful hot day. Bags of check mix, baggies of celery and carrots, fruit cups, and baggies of popcorn are also all popular.  This year our goodies should be individually wrapped (baggies or wax paper or such).  And do you know someone with a hotdog cooker? 

There will be  signup sheets at the church in the coming weeks.

You can sign up for 2-3 hour shifts of working at the Center. You will be working with usually 3 other people on the team.  Or, sign up to make cookies and such.   

We also need a co-chair.  It’s a well organized event which requires a short burst of hands on planning but then its done.  

Call (802- 365-7388) or email  Kathy