Spiritual Leadership

This church is our community, our joy, our sanctuary. So many ministries take place in this sacred space and spread beyond these walls, for which I am so very grateful. Gratitude is a great place to be, but sustained community is more than appreciation.

I will be joining Catie Berg, Jamie Gibson, Marty Shaw, Eva Greene, Dion LaShay, Rev. Shayna Appel, Beth McKinney, Janis Chaillou and Linda Hay to participate in a Spiritual Leadership workshop being given by the New England Region UUA on October 27. This level of participation is a remarkable statement by members of our congregation that we are dedicated to meeting our various calls to ministry. Without a doubt I am fully aware that so many more of our congregation share that same level of commitment to building our sustained community.

And speaking of sustaining effort, lest we forget: FALL CLEANUP Saturday, November 3. This is always a great gathering to spruce up our building and our grounds while enjoying each other’s company. The rumpus starts at 8:30 a.m. and typically ends about 2:00. Cleanup is more than a twice a year event. While we are benefitting from the fine custodial services of Home Gnome (thank you April Judd and Bev Larson!) and lawn care (thanks Jasper Green!), an ongoing effort to keep the place looking sharp would be appreciated if you are of a mind to join with others for that purpose.

In a word, thank you all for all that you do.

Gratefully, Ed. Burke