Reopening Highlights Phase 2A


Restrictions lifted on July 1; Services on Zoom until September

All Souls Church will lift previous restrictions in place for COVID-19 as of July 1, 2021, including limitations on numbers of people in the building or on the grounds and other required protocols.  The facility will be open for both congregants and renters following pre-pandemic norms.

All Souls Church follows the state’s “universal guidance” which encourages unvaccinated Vermonters, including unvaccinated children, to continue wearing masks and practice social distancing, particularly indoors.  People should continue to practice good hygiene and should stay home if they feel ill.  Many individuals who have been vaccinated may choose to continue wearing masks.  All Souls Church will continue to have hand sanitizer and masks available for use but will no longer record who is in the building for contact tracing.

In-person church activities will resume slowly throughout summer 2021 as more people become vaccinated with the recommendation that gatherings be held outdoors whenever possible.  Worship services will continue on Zoom until September 2021.

Approved by the Board on June 21, 2021

The information below no longer applies, but is left here for reference.


  • Outdoor meetings may have up to 100 people
  • While outdoor meetings are preferred, indoor meetings are permitted with up to 20
  • If any of the people noted above are living in the same household they are encouraged to sit as a single group. 
  • Attendees may use the bathrooms off the foyer only.
  • Any and all staff and volunteers who are symptomatic are required to stay home. 
  • No food preparation allowed
  • No singing or playing of brass or wind instruments is allowed,. 
  • Access by employees and congregants is limited to the foyer, the parlor, the offices, the balcony and the main hall. On weekends access is also allowed to the chapel.
  • Although access to the kitchen is allowed, food preparation is not.


  • Any and all staff and volunteers who are symptomatic are required to stay home. 
  • If someone attending a meeting brings a child, they will insure that the child does not interact with any of the children or toys with Ms Marthas
  • Those in the meeting — indoors or outdoors — should observe social distancing, wear masks and limit proximity and duration of contact time between personnel.
  • Meeting organizers are responsible for making appropriate accommodations for accessibility. This includes arranging for online attendance.
  • If the meeting is outdoors attendees must bring their own chairs.
  • Meeting organizers are responsible for cleaning, or arranging for the cleaning of the bathroom after the meeting is over. If the organizer is doing the cleaning, appropriate PPE will be used. The PPE will be supplied by the meeting organizer.
  • Bathroom use spaced out and exhaust fan left running whenever the building is occupied.
  • Toilets should be flushed only after the lid is closed.