July/August Message from Rev. Telos

Message from Rev. Telos Whitfield

“For all that is our life, we bring our thanks and praise, For all life is a gift which we are called to use,
To build the common good,
And make our own days glad.”
(For All That Is Our Life, Singing the Living Tradition)

Welcome Summertime, Dear Ones!
Welcome home to warm breezes and open time, for many of us, I hope. It has felt like such a long time for this Summer to arrive and for Covid – 19 restrictions to be lifted! To be able to see family and friends, and to be able to hug them or lean in close to look and listen, it has been a long journey. And summer is finally here. The warm breezes, the beautiful blue sky, the bird songs and abundance of flowers and fresh vegetables. Aah, we need this time. The days are longer and to be able to sit on my porch, drinking my iced coffee and watch the sky gradually turn deep pink and then blue feels like a real gift. Summer Time seems to stretch out in long, luxurious minutes that become hours. It is a time to play and explore, to read a treasured familiar novel or a new book, to walk by the river or dip your paddle in and glide over the water. It is a time to relish in the taste of fresh strawberries, watermelon and corn. We will have a chance to gather and eat ice cream together at our Ice Cream Social. That will be a real treat! Summer can have its challenges too, if there are loved ones that are no longer with you, or your schedule is already filling with responsibilities, or the days feel endless. So let this time offer an openness and possibility of rest and relaxation, a time to relish in the greening days, a time for mourning and for joy. The abundance of summertime can offer so many possibilities. And, I am anticipating being able to see and visit with so many of you too! I am so excited to be able to hear your stories and get to know you in ways that have not been possible in these past virtual and separated months. I will be taking some time away for vacation and study leave in late July and early August, so please feel free to reach out to our caring and compassionate Caring Circle for support. And know that I am eager to continue to know and learn from you – your stories and experiences have become dear to me and I have already witnessed the beautiful connections and tapestry that is All Souls! Please take gentle care and let us rest in these quiet and sweet, joyous and colorful days of Summer…

Blessings, Rev. Telos

Peace Is Every Step – A Mindfulness Retreat led by Rev. Telos Whitfield Saturday, August 21st from 10am – 1pm To be held in person at the West Village Meeting House!

I will be leading a mindfulness retreat where we will explore some of Buddhist monk and peace leader Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings of “engaged Buddhism.” We will practice mindful walking and meditation, and explore gesture drawing and writing together.
I encourage you to bring a journal, a lawn chair as we may meet outdoors, and good walking shoes. We will also share a meal together at the close of the retreat, so bring a lunch.
I look forward to creating this mindfulness circle together!
Please contact me if you have questions or would like more details.
Rev. Telos

Holy Days, Days To Remember

July 13th – Obon (Ulambana)** – Buddhist/Shinto July 20 – 23rd – Eid Al Adha – Sacrifice Day* – Islam July 24th – Asalha Puja Day** – Buddhist August 1st – Lughnassad – Imbolc* – Wicca/Neo Pagan August 3rd – Krishna Janmashtami** – Hindu August 10th – Hijra – New Year begins* – Islam August 17th- 18th – Shavout* – Jewish
August 18th – Ashura* – Islam
August 22nd – Raksha Bandhan** – Hindu

* Holy days usually begin at sundown the day before this date. .