Sunday Hospitality

Sometimes our cupboards are bare! You can help stock them with crackers, cookies, snacks, and juice. Also donating sliced cheese, washed grapes and apples will round out our offerings for Sunday Coffee hour. Then get your hands wet, helping washing the dishes and putting things away. Coffee Hour is such an important UU Sunday morning mission for getting to know each other a bit more, please help out any way you can.  And big big thanks to those who are always helping out in the kitchen and may others join in that fun.


A Yearlong Study of White Power and Privilege Concluded

Last year we studied White Power and Privilege. Our hope is that by understanding it more deeply, we may be part of the effort to dismantle it. The Social and Environmental Action Committee, the Religious Exploration Committee, and the Worship Committee are taking the lead as we learn about and discuss this topic in a variety of ways. A film series, reading and discussion groups, and worship services are already in the works.


All Souls Book Group

The ASC  Book Group is a friendly, informal group of members and friends who meet to discuss eclectic and challenging titles in categories such as ecology, health, history of religion, and local fiction.   We look for books that challenge our minds and nourish our UU spirits.  One title often leads to another. Click the link above to learn more and/or sign up.


Church Family Breakfasts

All are welcome! Start your day off right and join us at 9:00 AM on specific Sundays before the service for yummy waffles with a variety of toppings, juice, and beverages for all ages.  You will have a chance to get to know more of those who have recently joined us including a charming group of children! Check the calendar for the date of the next breakfast.


An ongoing All Souls activity, our Crafting group, during the holiday season, becomes the sole creators of our uniquely crafted  wreaths and greens made from all natural materials and have been the most successful source of fundraising for our church community.  Off season you may find us felting, quilting, refurbishing clothing, knitting/crocheting, and all manner of handcrafts.



Small Group Ministry

Small Group Ministry (SMG) is a potent community-building program composed of lay-led small groups (6-10 people). It is a chance to deepen your own spiritual journey, connect with others in the church, and engage in the practices of reflection and deep listening. It provides opportunities for deeper relationships and deeper spiritual exploration. Our current All Souls program began in Fall of 2015 and has one group that meets twice a month. Click the link above for more information.


Women’s Gathering

We are in our fourth year for the All Souls women’s group. We gather the third Saturday of each month from 9:15-11:15am. Our time together is rich in discussion, mutual support, connection, and laughter. Our meetings are open and welcoming and we encourage more women to come and experience this gathering. Come join us even if you have not been before! Each time we meet is different and a little like a “stand alone” time. We encourage all new women newcomers to ASC to gather for simple refreshment and conversation. Bring your questions and share in our search for answers to Life’s Great Mysteries.  You will find good company, warm hearts, and collective wisdom.  Our gathering uses a modified Small Group model of check-in and discussion.  Come a few minutes early so you can prepare yourself a cup of tea or coffee.  Take a break from your busy life and gather with All Souls women.  You deserve it!


Communications Committee

The mission of the Communications Committee is to provide a variety of communication avenues for members of the congregation and staff to exchange information. That includes a website, a newsletter, and a weekly email news update.


The Compassionate Friends of Brattleboro

Bereavement Group Remembers Children Who Have Died

Bereaved families that have experienced the death of a child now have an opportunity to meet with others on a regular basis who have endured similar tragedies. The Compassionate Friends (TCF) of Brattleboro, a local chapter of the national self-help organization for families that have had a child die, holds its monthly meetings at the church. Check the link above or the calendar for more information.

Bereavement Writing Group

Beverly Miller, All Souls Church Office Administrator, facilitates a bi-monthly writing group meeting on the second and fourth Thursday of every month from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at The West Village Meetinghouse.  This group is dedicated to the shared expression of bereavement and the grieving process. New members are welcome.


The West Village Meetinghouse/All Souls Church serves as host to the following organizations:

New England Youth Theatre’s Theatre Adventure Program (TAP)

                                                                                             NEYT Program Book 2019

Theatre Adventure

Here I am, out from the shadows,

it’s my day to bask in the sun.

Fifteen years ago a ten-year old child with spunk and a deep desire to express self inspired the creation of Theatre Adventure. At that time, there were no opportunities in our tri-state region for inclusive theater—theater that honors the creative spirit and artistry of individuals with developmental challenges. Elijah has now been part of more than thirty theatrical productions that highlight his amazing capabilities.

Here I am – nothing can hold me,

back from my dreams;

                                    sometimes it seems, I’ve only just begun.

And now, NEYT can boast that annually up to forty of their students have found an inclusive theater home that they can call their own—Theatre Adventure. There is so much more to celebrate! NEYT has the only year-round theater program serving youth and adults with developmental challenges in the state of Vermont.

Here I am, ready and willing

to claim my place

out in the world.

Theatre Adventure actors help to create and present thought provoking and dynamic theater. More than fifty productions have been created over the past fifteen years. As dedicated seasoned actors, they create a commanding stage presence.

Here I am – I won’t surrender

to doubt and fear; I’ll persevere.

My victory flag unfurled.

Come join us! Visit a class or come to a show. Witness the power of theater to transform lives—both onstage and off. Audience members tell us how experiencing a Theatre Adventure show was change-making in their own lives regarding disabilities, inclusion, and diversity thinking. We welcome visitors, volunteers and new students. We invite you to come experience inclusive theater-in-the-making!

Here we are, rising up together – we are fearless,

yes, we are strong.

We’ll make it through all kinds of weather.

Here we stand, hand in hand – Listen to our song.*

*Lyrics for our original musical, “Raising Our Voices Together”

-Written by Rich Nethercott

Spring Show Season

Raising Our Voices Together

April 10, 11, 12

Jill and Jack and the Beanstalk

May 15, 16, 17

Summer Theater Arts Camp

Reaching for the Stars!

June 24- July 12 (Monday- Friday mornings)

Part-time participation available

Mixed ages

Fall Fundraising Fashion Show

Putting on our Finery

November 8

For more information: or



All of our classes, rehearsals, and productions:

West Village Meeting House

29 South Street

West Brattleboro



The Brattleboro Women’s Chorus 

We are a non-profit chorus based in Southern Vermont. We perform
ncerts in November and May of spirited harmonies from music of various traditions with professional local guest musicians. Join us for a concert, or to sing for yourself!

The spring 2019 session of Chorus will begin on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 pm beginning on February 27 at All Souls Church, or on Thursdays from 10 am – noon beginning on February 28 at the Brattleboro Music Center.

The first two rehearsals are open to anyone who would like to come and check out chorus for the first time with no obligation to join. Be sure to spread the word and bring your friends!

Can’t make the first rehearsals? No problem! We accept new members through our second week of rehearsals. Singers may attend either or both the Wednesday night and Thursday morning rehearsals.

Are you looking for healthful ways to feel good? Singing has been shown to do just that! And the Brattleboro Women’s Chorus offers any woman or girl age 10 and over the opportunity to create music in a community of other singers.

All women and girls over 10 are welcome, and there are no auditions. Reading music is optional since music is taught by rote and by ear with part recordings available. The intent is to make singing accessible to anyone regardless of experience.

Music is an eclectic mix from around the world that is spirited and spiritual. Founder/director Becky Graber traveled with 18 chorus members to the Sister Singers Festival in Grand Rapids, MI in June, where they not only performed but also heard lots of wonderful music by other women’s choruses. Some of these songs will be included in the fall repertoire.

To get a sense of the varied music we sing, here is a list of all the songs we’ve sung in our concerts or you can listen to a few sample tracks from our CD!

While many singers enjoy performing, some prefer to sing weekly and not participate in the concert at the end of the session (Mother’s Day weekend, May 11 & 12). The fee is $120 for adults, family pairs are $190 and students are $70. Financial aid is available so that chorus can be affordable to all. Our Financial Aid application can be found on our website.and can be submitted with a $20 deposit by the date listed on the application.

Registration information will be posted here in January for our spring session. For more information, contact director Becky Graber at 254-8994, or via email at: .



 High Holy Days of the Brattleboro Area Jewish Community (BAJC)

BAJC welcomes all to attend high holy day services at The West Village Meetinghouse, 29 South Street, West Brattleboro bro, VT.  The prayer books, in Hebrew, contain full translation into English and interpretative study texts. All the Hebrew prayers are transliterated so that people who don’t read Hebrew can follow and participate. BAJC does not require tickets or reservations, but it is hoped that guests will help to cover the expenses of making the services available to all. If you can, consider mailing donations for seats to BAJC, PO Box 2353, Brattleboro 05303, in advance so people can be welcomed at the door from a guest list and so that no one has to deal with money or record-keeping on the holy days.  Donations from guests will be applied toward membership if the donor decides to become a member of the congregation at any time during the year. Click here or call 802-257-1959 for more information.

The All Souls Church webpage is still a work in progress. The other items on this page below have yet to be updated. If you would like to help the Communications Committee with this task, please let us know.

Social and Environmental Action Committee

Mission: The All Souls Social & Environmental Action Committee (SEAC) seeks to provide “encouragement for putting our beliefs and values into action and service” as called for by our Church Mission Statement. We are a spiritual community of seekers engaging UU principles for the good of all.

This past year, the Social & Environmental Action Committee focused on supporting congregational learning on White Power and Privilege, a topic which is challenging us to be aware of the privileges we have and be more open and curious about the differences in experiences we have as human beings. We live in a society which has systematically oppressed people of color, and it’s the awareness of these systems and how they intersect with our privileges that will help us make changes for our community that support the welcoming, diverse congregation that we strive to be.

The current members of the SEAC steering committee are Sarah Lott, co-chair, Marty Shaw, co-chair, Catie G. Berg, Karen Tyler, George Carvill, Linda Hay, Ellie Weiss, Kit Whallon

Committee on Ministry

The overall purpose of the Committee on Ministry (CoM) is to strengthen the quality of the ministry of the entire church as embodied in the work of the minister, congregational committees and lay leadership. The CoM oversees the quality of relationships within the congregation and works to enhance communication and ways of working together as a community.
Members are appointed by the Board from candidates suggested by the minister. There shall be no less than three nor more than five members. No member may serve contemporaneously on the Board and the Committee. If there is no minister then serving, the Board may appoint members of the Committee. The members of the committee serve overlapping three-year terms and meet monthly with the minister.

Art Committee





The Caring Circle

Membership Committee




All Souls Choir

Religious Exploration Committee


Worship Committee

Overflow Shelter Meal Preparation