Update on the fire escape


Hello All,

Updating the fire escape installation: The door from the balcony to the fire escape will begin with the creation of a new doorway on Monday, December 10. The door will be installed and the fire escape will be erected by December 14 according to the latest communications from the architect. The roof system will be constructed at a later date. In a separate note: our emergency lights will all be working by the end of this week, according to Brian Tyler of A.L. Tyler & Sons, electricians. With these last two matters completed we will have addressed all of our cited life safety code violations!


Happy Thanksgiving Eve, all!

Update on the fire escape: the pilings are being installed today, Wednesday, November 21, as we speak. Very happy to see the excavation subcontractor hard at work! The concrete slab will be poured Friday, November 23.

Some swift design modifications were made by architect Robin Sweetapple based on site conditions unearthed today (massive 15″ thick concrete slab that needs to be avoided). Steel Shed will begin the stairs fabrication next week, after the slab elevations are taken.

GPI’s project supervisor assured me that we will have a fire escape by the hard deadline of December 15. I painted a clear picture for him that there will be a balcony full of candle bearing celebrants Christmas Eve. He got the picture.

This is a complex piece of work so let’s pray to the construction gods that the variables play out in timely fashion.

Enjoy gratitude tomorrow (and every day).

Gratefully, Ed