September Reflections from ASC Board President

Leslie Kinney

Welcome September!

Reflections from the President

Wow!  The summer is flying by!  Although we have had wonderful services throughout July and August it still seems like September is the beginning of a new year.  We will share and celebrate our summer wanderings during our In-Gathering Water Ceremony on September 11.  

After this service I would like to invite those who wish to stay after coffee hour to walk the grounds (assuming there is no pouring rain) and then gather for a conversation about how we might envision use of our outside space for activities, gatherings, walks, gardening, meditation and reflection.  A graduate student from the Conway School of Landscape Design may be assigned to study our grounds this fall to develop potential design(s) for use of our outside space.  I would like to share with a student the fullness of our ideas and visions.

This summer we have had wonderful events.  We kicked off July with a very successful I-91 Welcome Center fundraiser.  Many thanks to our bakers, food donors and those who staffed our table welcoming visitors to Vermont.  Later that month a number of us gathered at the Townshend Dam Recreation Area for fine food and friendly conversation.  

In July, we had a most wonderful art show displaying art from the collection of our beloved Joy Wallens-Penford, donated to the church by her husband John. These works along with donations from other members were sold at our fabulous Art Auction and are now gracing the homes of many happy purchasers.  Many, many thanks to all who contributed time and talents to this very special event.  The funds raised from the auction will be used towards the expense of paving our driveway.  An appeal will be going out in September as part of our “Pave the Way” Driveway Drive.  We hope you will give generously so we can pave our driveway before winter snows. 

We have closed out August with our community Tagless Sale.  Although I was out of state on the day of the sale I know the church was humming for a week with church volunteers organizing, sorting, creating signage and more.  Thank you once again to those who are so generous with their time.

Of course we have had a full summer of wonderful services with music, poetry and thoughtful reflections. The Board, committees and various groups continue to meet.  We have continued to prepare community meals. Whenever someone has had to be away, others have stepped forward.  Such is community.

The Board has continued to look at the question of how to sustain hybrid church.  This fall we intend to create a paid position, while still relying on a roster of volunteers to supplement this work.  We have also asked the Reopening Task Force to revisit our COVID protocols.  No major changes to report just yet but we anticipate some minor adjustments.  Stay tuned.
With blessings, Leslie