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THURSDAY, May 2, 2024 –
WEDNESDAY, May 9, 2024




This concert, featuring musicians Emma’s Revolution, Claudia Schmidt, and Sally Rogers, will benefit the STANDING TOGETHER MOVEMENT, a grassroots movement mobilizing Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel in pursuit of peace, equality, and social and climate justice.

WELCOME SPRING FAIR – Saturday, May 5th 10 – 3pm!

Invite Friends and Family to come to our Spring Fair, “Welcome Spring,” this Saturday, May 4, 10 am to 3 pm! Set up for the Fair will happen on Friday and early set up on Saturday morning with take down after 3pm. Do you have something to donate? A handmade craft or such, or favorite cookies to bake, breads? Need to re-home any house or garden plants? Put together a Raffle Basket? Could you help with the concession for tea sandwiches and lemonade? Help the day of the fair? Connect as soon as you can with Kathy  or Marty Shaw  because the fair is almost here.
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WORSHIP – Sunday, May 5th at 10am

Sunday, May 5th: “Belonging”  Join us for a special service presented by our friends at Theatre Adventure, with whom we will be sharing our Sunday offerings for the month of May.  This wonderful group has been, since 2004, a caring and creative community for artists with disabilities to claim the stage with distinction, and we are always delighted to host and support them. Their Traveling Troupe will be helping to lead this service.

Sunday’s Anthem: “Elijah and His Brook”
Choir Director Tom Baehr shared that Leslie Kinney wrote this poem for Darlene’s son, Elijah, about all the things he enjoys seeing and hearing. It lent itself to a musical setting, which we present to the congregation for this Sunday’s Theatre Adventure Program service.

May 5th activities before and after the Worship Service:

  • Before Worship  – Choir rehearses at 8:45.  At 9 am we hold our Religious Exploration Program for children of age 5 and above, and offer space for meditation and for coffee and chat. 
  • Following the Worship Service The FY25 BUDGET INFORMATION MEETING will be held at approximately 11:30.  All Members are encouraged to attend as we prepare for the Annual Meeting on May 19.


In early May the art team will partner with Inclusive Arts Vermont to host an exhibition of artwork by 25 Vermont artists with disabilities as they explore the title theme, CYCLES that we will display through the summer. Thanks to a hardworking team of Arts Committee and Inclusive Arts folks, the CYCLES exhibition was installed in our foyer and hallway yesterday! Following Theatre Adventure performances on May 16 and 17, additional artwork will go up in our Main Hall/ Sanctuary.  The CYCLES exhibition is more than art on the wall. Accessibility is an integral part of the show. In preparation, we are working to improve physical access to All Souls, both inside and outside, for people with disabilities. More information coming soon and also available at


  • Thanks to the 79% of congregants who have already made their Stewardship Commitment!
    • We’re still hoping to hear from the remaining 21% soon.
    • We do need 100% support for All Souls’ Stewardship Campaign!
    • Otherwise, what must we cut from our proposed budget?
    • We appreciate every commitment when given from one’s heart & within one’s financial means.
    • Your commitment promises financial support for next year’s operating budget—2024-25.
    • It’s easy to make a commitment online at Tap the banner at the top of the Home page.
    • Together in Faith we can do amazing things!
    —Christina Gibbons, Leslie Kinney, Catie G. Berg, and Ann Newsmith


After several weeks of training and work with Robin, it became clear that she was not a good match in skills and experience for the position. We are again in a time of transition as we seek a new candidate. The position is posted on Front Porch Forum, Brattleboro, and if there is someone you know who might be interested, please encourage them to apply. Rev. Telos has been and will continue to manage and do office related tasks, along with George, and she needs your help! Please call her at         802-376-4977 or e-mail her at if you might be able to spend time in the office, answering the phone, assisting with copying, compiling our Annual Report, and other needed office tasks in the coming weeks. Thank you. 


We will hold our Annual Meeting at 11:30am, following our Service. 

**If you need a Proxy Ballot, contact our Clerk, Carla Fogg by May 15th