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All Souls is pleased to host an exhibit by Jeremy Aldridge that includes more than a decade of paintings focused on Ukraine.The first series, Processing the World, is a group of Intuitive acrylic paintings on canvas from the decade leading up to the invasion of Ukraine, and the second is Witnessing Ukraine,  paintings inspired by media photos of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Aldridge grew up in Brattleboro and is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

“Painting, for me, is evolution, an experience of artistic materials and daily emotional painterly conversation. Painting is curiosity of ‘what if’s’. The conversation starts, evolves, sometimes long, sometimes shorter. As long as the painting’s conversation is always open to continued exploration and curiosity then it will hold life for others to find.”

“The breadth of painted conversations is evident in the contrasts between the ‘Witnessing Ukraine ‘ paintings and ‘Processing the World ‘ paintings through changes in color, energy and mood and focus on realism. The paintings from the decade before the Ukraine invasion are more immediate, intimate and local conversations. The invasion of Ukraine on my birthday made the event more personal to me, and also a bigger, more global discussion.”

“When I was five years old or so, I remember painting with my Grandmother under the lilac in the side yard at her home on Cedar Street. She was a graduate of Pratt Institute, and an early Art Teacher in the Brattleboro school system. She inspired me. I had good support from a Keene High School art teacher, and Amherst High art teacher, Blanche Derby. The Art corridor of Amherst High  is where I met my love, Sue. Eventually we both attended The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, encouraged by summer Ames Hill neighbor Homer Johnson, who was a painting instructor there.’

The Aldridge exhibit will be on view at All Souls Church starting February 2, through mid-April. An artist’s reception is planned for Sat, Feb 24, 2 – 4 pm.