“All That We Share is Sacred”

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When we gather on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, several members of All Souls Church will share thoughts about things for which they are grateful. As we listen to each other’s stories, we will be reminded of the purpose and depth of our beloved community. 

“All That We Share is Sacred”

Sunday, *November 21, 2021
Order of Service

Click right here Sunday shortly before 10:00 AM to join our online service.

ASC Board Greeting                                                        Ron Niswander

Prelude:     “Intermezzo” from Carmen    Georges Bizet
Tom Baehr, flute; Eva Greene, piano

Chalice Lightning by Andrée Mol                           Jamie Gibson&Marty Shaw

“As we gather together,
May we remember
When you share with me what is most important to you,
That is where listening begins.
When I show you that I hear you,
When I say your life matters,
That is where compassion begins.

May this space be a table
that is not complete
until all are welcome.
May this table be a space of beauty
where together
we create a series of miracles, and
where all that we share is sacred.
May it be so.”

Opening Words                                                                     Christina Gibbons


Opening Hymn #349: “We Gather Together” Netherlands folk song (1626)
new lyrics by Dorothy and Robert Sengas
sung by Robert Wyckoff, tenor

Story for All Ages:  “The Secret of Saying Thanks ”
Douglas Wood, author    Greg Shed, illustrator

Reflection 1:   Jody McAssey

Reflection 2:   Elizabeth Lewis

Hymn #1010: “We Give Thanks” Wendy Luella Perkins
sung by Elizabeth Lewis and Steve Squires

Reflection 3:    Ann Newsmith

Reflection 4:    John Spicer

Offering  shared with Brattleboro Area Hospice

Offertory:        “March of the Kitchen Utensils” Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (London) – Christopher Seaman, conductor

Honoring the Candles of Joys and Concerns

Closing Hymn #128: “For All That Is Our Life”       Bruce Findlow
sung by Eva Greene, produced by George Carvill

Extinguishing the Chalice 

Closing Circle

(*November is Native American Heritage Month)