Speaker: Christina Gibbons

Finding Our Center Through Poetry

Poetry services are a beloved twice yearly tradition here at All Souls Church. On this Sunday we will honor the monthly UU theme of Finding Our Center by sharing poems which focus on and distill our sense of who we are.  If you would like … read more.

Our Crafting Community

On Sunday, October 30th, we will celebrate our long tradition of crafting in a lay led service.  Out crafters are responsible for our Holiday Bazaar on the first Saturday of December and a new tradition of a Spring Fair.  The service this Sunday will explore … read more.

“I Mean to Say”

Click right here Sunday shortly before 10:00 AM to join our online service. 

Poems give us the opportunity to pause, reflect, and choose words wisely.  They can help us live with intention.  If you have a poem to contribute to this service, your own or a favorite poem by … read more.

“All That We Share is Sacred”

Click right here Sunday shortly before 10:00 AM to join our online service.

When we gather on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, several members of All Souls Church will share thoughts about things for which they are grateful. As we listen to each other’s stories, we will be reminded of the … read more.

“Poems of the Spirit”

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The topic for this Sunday’s Zoom service at All Souls Church is “Poems of the Spirit.”  Members and friends will be reading original poems which express a wide range of human experience.  Readers include Charles … read more.

“An Abundance of Gifts”

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Christina Gibbons and George Carvill will introduce the new online archive created for the 50th anniversary of our beautiful building.  We celebrate the dynamic vitality of our Church in the past and anticipate its promise for the … read more.